The Park

Directed by James Neil & Sahidé Sanin | 35mm | 15 min | UK

With Cristina Haraba, Sharif Nashashibi, Marianna Vogt

The European capital as imagined through a French woman’s search for her missing lover, The Park is imbued with desire and alienation within the city’s architectural spaces. A chorus offers clues about the couple, while a dance troupe provides a lament. Silence and space generate ennui, and the woman’s gaze distills memory. Her path evokes an odyssey – revealing truths about men, women, love and modern life.


The Visit

Directed by Sahidé Sanin & James Neil | HD | 12 min | UK

With Tülin Özen, Lara Göktepe, Steven Kent, Hakan Silahsızoğlu, Jamie Laird

The home as shelter and private space, The Visit is set during a period of ever-increasing uncertainty where appearances are maintained. A British-Turkish couple and their young daughter find themselves in a delicate situation.

Selected for the Izmir International Short Film Festival
Selected for the Malatya International Film Festival


Salma’s Day

Directed by Sahidé Sanin & James Neil | 7 min | 2007 | 16mm | UK

With Jean Martinez, Fatima Bai

A young woman’s visions and encounters generate a series of haunting images where desire and reflection coalesce in fragments of silence, revealing memories and wider social dimensions.

Sound Recordist  – Cliff Cooper
Editor –  Harfun Li
Music – Matthew Davidson
Production Assistants – Paul Granville, Filiz Ongan, Said Sajed
Cinematography – James Neil
Focus Puller & Lighting Assistant – Cengiz Akyıldız
Sound Mixing – Gerrit Swanepoel